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Scaling IT & Data Consulting Firms

As Your Growth Partner, We Empower Your Firm to Increase New Business Revenue by $1-2M and Reduce Talent Acquisition Costs by 45% Over 12 Months

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"Let's partner and scale your business"

Our Ideal Partners

We’re here for IT & Data Consulting Leaders — Founders and CEOs driven by a vision for substantial growth. Our approach is designed to increase your client base, revenue, and profitability. Leveraging proven strategies, we focus on maximising your market impact and enhancing your company’s value."

The Problem

Through in-depth discussions with over 60 CEOs and key decision-makers in the IT & Data Consulting industry, we’ve identified critical barriers to growth


Limited growth due to relying on referrals and word-of-mouth


Founders and CEOs too involved in sales process, not strategy


Struggling to fill your sales pipeline consistently


Long sales cycles that bottleneck your cash flow



Lack of clear growth roadmap, leading to inconsistent revenue


Previous marketing agencies haven't worked before


Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Step 1: Strategy

Develop a clear 12-month go-to-market strategy tailored to your business and client needs. Our focused approach sets you up for a successful market entry, sustainable growth, and positions you uniquely for larger deals.

Step 2: Resonate

Engage your ideal clients with targeted, value-driven marketing that sparks impactful conversations. Our strategy involves hyper-focused campaigns, high-visibility promotion of your events, and creating compelling sales assets that demonstrate real results and help clients envision their success with your services.

Step 3: Scale

Establish a solid technological foundation for sustainable growth. In just 30 days, we implement a full-scale outbound client acquisition system, streamlining your customer engagement with robust email infrastructure, versatile CRM, and key integrations. This system not only captures every opportunity but also provides valuable analytics for ongoing optimization and data-driven decision-making.

Step 4: Convert

Turn conversations into revenue with our refined sales process, featuring customized scripts and SOPs for effective lead management. Designed to reduce drop-offs and boost pipeline efficiency, our strategy targets a 30-40% success rate, comparable to inbound leads. We streamline every stage of your pipeline to optimize the conversion of outbound contacts into lucrative deals.

Step 5: Growth & Delivery

Scale your business efficiently with new clients and revenue, while cutting talent acquisition costs by up to 45%. We strategically place expert sales and tech talent for optimal client satisfaction and service delivery. Our approach adapts with market changes, keeping your services agile and maintaining excellence as you grow.

The Outcome?


Increased revenue and profits within 3-6 months


You don’t have to rely on your network, referrals, and organic growth


You will stop wasting time chasing unqualified leads


You can finally start replicating parts of your solutions so you can scale your operations


You will not have any issues with communicating the business value and direct ROI of your offer

What you get?


Customized 12-Month Growth Plan

12-month customised growth plan providing a clear growth pathway that allows you to forecast financial results, allocate budget, and hire top talent with full confidence


Evergreen Marketing & Sales Assets

powerful marketing and sales assets that will work for you forever


Consistent Opportunity Generation

A multi-channel outbound system securing 12-24 monthly opportunities with ideal prospects.


Enhanced Sales Efficiency

Proven sales processes and frameworks designed to speed up sales cycles and boost close rates by 20-30%.


Comprehensive System Guides

Complete SOPs, sales scripts, and guides, ensuring a smooth handover and system continuity post-partnership.

Your Options?

Stick with Traditional Methods

Invest over $230K annually in traditional methods and internal strategies that lack specific guarantees. Risks include stagnation and losing market share due to outdated practices. Additionally, with more than 50% of new hires potentially not working out, there’s a risk of wasting around $120K.

Opt for Generic Business Consultancies/Agencies

Generic consultancies and agencies might lead to misaligned strategies and ineffective investments. Their one-size-fits-all approach often misses the unique challenges of the IT Consulting industry, potentially resulting in a loss of over $90K without guaranteed results.

Thrive with Our Specialized Approach

Choose a path to accelerated, predictable growth. Our Dominance Framework is specifically designed for IT Consulting firms, offering tailored strategies that resonate with industry-specific needs. Partner with us to not just grow, but to lead in your field with confidence and strategic insight.

Our Guarantee?

30 days no question asked money back guarantee!

We double your investment within 12 months, or we work for free until you do!

We only accept 1 new partner per month in order to guarantee our partners results



My career began deep in Data and Analytics, where I grew from engineer to data architect, and ultimately took the leap into entrepreneurship with a specialized recruitment and contracting firm. However, I quickly learned that being skilled in a field doesn't guarantee success in client acquisition. Traditional sales strategies didn't fit our unique industry needs.

The turning point came with the creation of the Dominance Framework. Built from extensive experience, rigorous testing, and investment in mentorships, this framework was more than a strategy — it was the key to our survival and growth. Now, with a passion for entrepreneurship and proven success, I'm committed to sharing this framework with other IT consulting firms, helping them achieve sustainable growth and success in our dynamic industry.

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  • Why should I partner with Growth Partner Group?
    Our specialisation in the IT Consulting industry means we understand your unique needs and have proven strategies that work.
  • How do you guarantee results?
    We commit to one partner per month, ensuring focused attention and a selective approach. Our confidence in delivering results is backed by our guarantees.
  • What if it doesn’t work?
    Our model is battle-tested with a near 100% success rate. We continuously optimize our approach and are dedicated to making each partnership a success.
  • What does our partnership look like?
    Our partnership involves deep understanding of your business, collaborative work with your team, and shared accountability for results. We aim to expand your business within 12 months, aligning our success with yours.
  • What happens when the engagement ends?
    All systems, processes, and intellectual property developed during our engagement stay with your company, enabling continued scaling.
  • How much of your time do we get?
    We dedicate as much time as needed to fulfill our promise and ensure your success.
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